The Abrishade retractable screen system is a moving shade system that provides shade, heat and light management for both internal and external application. It can be used under an existing roofing structure such as glass or polycarbonate or can be installed on its own as a shade and heat barrier for outdoor areas.  This retractable shade system offers a great alternative to expensive open and close louvers and fixed shade sails.

External application includes the provision of a moving shade system for exterior balconies, courtyards, entertainment areas, pools and communal spaces to assist in the management of light and heat affect on the area.  This product offers more flexibility then standard shade sails.

Internally the system can be installed under large areas of glass or polycarbonate roofing such as atriums, skylights and alfresco areas to provide shade as well as light and heat management within an existing weatherproof zone or structure.

This moving shade system allows the climate (light and heat) to be controlled – it can be opened in the early mornings and late afternoons or cloudy days to take in the milder sun and then closed during the midday high summer heat periods.  Unlike the common fixed shade sails the moving shade system allows you to choose the amount of shade you need.

The Abrishade system is designed specifically for each project and can be chain operated or automated if required with the addition of a Somfy FTS motorised system.

The Abrishade system is available in both rolling and folding options and a selection of solar control and waterproof fabrics are available to suit specific project requirements.


Folding Systems – retractable shade


Rolling Systems – retractable shade

Uplift constant boxes

Constant Boxes

Continuous constant tension is achieved through the constant boxes. Constant boxes can be mounted at either end and are for systems up to 7 metres long.  For systems longer then 7 metres a drum drive system is used.

General Specifications:

  • Aluminium motor tube and front edge tube
  • Stainless or galvanised steel for the joints and profiles
  • Tension is maintained with stainless steel wire or polyester line.
  • Available in folding (concertina style) or rolling options.
  • Can be designed for flat or sloping spaces
  • System retracts into its own storage place
  • Solar control and waterproof fabrics are available

Applications / Projects:

Recent moving shade Projects – external applications

Recent moving shade Projects – internal applications

Retractable shade, moving shade
Retractable shade “Abrishade” installed onto an existing external patio polycarbonate roof as an alternative to open close louvers.

Moving shade - abrishade
Moving shade system installed over alfresco dining area offering more protection then fixed shade sails.

For a recent project 22 moving systems were installed across the atrium roof.
For a recent project, numerous retractable systems were installed across the atrium roof.

Another alfresco dining area using the Abrishade system.