Blinds that come from the side!

The Side Blind System provides a motorised tension system for complex window shapes and angles. Side pull blinds are pulled from one side to the other via constant tension cables and are ideal for triangle and trapezoidal shaped spaces as well as angled square window shapes. It is a compact system with few visible details.

This blind system can be tailored to match the details of specific project requirements and uses spring tension and support rollers to keep the fabric taut during operation and in finished position resulting in a continuous smooth surface.

Livingshade makes these to measure with automation ready for installation.  The constant tension system with Somfy motors is the ideal solution.

Constant Boxes

Continuous constant tension is achieved through the constant boxes. Constant boxes can be mounted on either side of the window.

General Specifications:

  • Ideal for unusual shaped and angled windows and spaces
  • Motorised spring tension blind system
  • Support rollers assist with arched angled windows

Applications / Projects:

  • Triangle, trapezoidal, square and rectangle windows and spaces
  • Angled windows and spaces
  • Internal application for showrooms and restaurants – view recent Uplift projects