Choosing the right fabric for your project is essential to the success of the final product. Comfort, style and energy costs all need to be considered when making your fabric choices.

At livingshade our expertise lies in understanding the functionality of various technical fabrics.   Please contact us to discuss the range we keep in stock or we can happily order additional stock from Europe upon request.

Fabrics to Control Light and Temperature

Svensson Fabrics:

Svensson ‘View’

Svensson Markspelle’s premier aluminised backed knitted polyester fabric. Designed with a 1-closed/1-open stripe pattern creates a unique fabric with openness factors from 19-22%. The fabric’s high solar performance boasts ‘g’ values of 48% whilst retaining a wonderful view. For internal use and available in 5 colours at 3000mm width. Fire retardant.

Download the Svensson – ‘View’ product brochure PDF

Svensson ‘Volt’

High performance aluminised backed knitted polyester fabric from Svensson Markspelle. Designed with 5-closed/1-open stripe pattern creates openness factors from 6-7%. Achieve a striking look combined with highly effective heat and light control for high solar load facades. For internal use and available in 5 colours at 3000mm width. Fire retardant.

Download the Svensson – ‘Volt’ product brochure PDF

Svensson ‘Terra’

The optimum sun protection product from Svensson Markspelle. Designed as a closed aluminised backed knitted polyester light-filter fabric. With full privacy and 0% openness factor Terra achieves high performance results with ‘g’ values as low as 26% for clear single glazing. For internal use and available in 5 colours at 3000mm width. Fire retardant.

Download the Svensson – ‘Terra’ product brochure PDF

Soltis Fabrics:

Soltis fabrics bring together solar, thermal and mechanical performance that guarantees efficiency, durability and good looks for either domestic or commercial use.
They boast remarkable dimensional stability and unmatched resistance to the weather, UV radiation and mechanical damage. All are flame retardant.
The fabrics are 100% recyclable PVC for sustainable strategies. The dimensional stability is from the Precontraint Serge Ferrari technology.
Screens are for internal or external use and come in a range of colours for design and aesthetics.

Soltis 86

The openness provides greater visibility whilst blocking up to 86% of solar radiation.  The lighter colours are highly effective in the buildings general thermal management.

Fabric Details:

Soltis 88

Soltis 88, a perfect combination of thermal protection and visual comfort.

Fabric Details:

Soltis 92

Allowing 8% light transmission means this is ideal for even higher energy performance in buildings.

Fabric Details:

Fabrics for Noise and Sound reduction and Acoustic Control

Soltis ‘Batyline’

A flexible, fine and lightweight sound absorbing material that is ideal for new construction and renovation. It improves acoustic comfort by reducing reverberation effect up to four-fold providing a combination of acoustic comfort, natural light and solar protection. For further information please review the Serge Ferrari brochure.

Svensson ‘Twin’

Twin is a dim-out fabric with minimal light penetration. A densely-woven curtain with an impressive fall and stunning draping that is ideal to create space in a room.

It comes three metres wide to be hung infinitely without seams. The stitch-like pattern also creates different effects, depending on whether it is hung vertically or horizontally.

Twin comes in 19 colours, is made of flame retardant Trevira CS and has acoustic control qualities.  For more information and product sheet please visit the Svennson website.

Flame Retardant Fabrics in Trevira CS

At Livingshade we stock a range of European manufactured hanging fabric products made from Trevira CS fibres. The Trevira CS brand is renowned for its flame retardant technologies as well as function, comfort and safety.