At livingshade we provide innovative blind and shade systems to the domestic and commercial market for large glass facades, unusual shaped windows, skylights and external shading.  We combine the elements of design, function and individuality for customers who want style and comfort allowing them to feel the difference!

Originally with international experience in the greenhouse industry where controlling the climate is instrumental for increased plant production, higher quality control and lower costs, the team at livingshade developed skills and knowledge that could be mirrored in the window furnishing industry both domestically and commercially.  The fact is the key principles for controlling the climate for plants are identical to those required for residential or commercial buildings; light management and energy containment.

In today’s building design with increasingly large areas of glass, and complex and unusual shaped windows, the requirement for practical and cost effective solar management solutions is paramount.  Finding the right balance of light entering a room is critical for heating and cooling and to create a healthy and comfortable working or living space.

As manufacturers, livingshade has exclusive access to a range of unique internal and external window furnishing solutions by erco systems ab and technical textiles from Sweden and other European suppliers.  We also have a broad distributor network across Australia enabling us to provide the end client with a premium quality solution.

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