How Svensson Screens Work

Svensson Screens

The use of Svensson screens has many benefits for the growing climate inside the greenhouse. Light, temperature and humidity can be controlled with the aid of Svensson screens.

Svensson screens should be installed on a moveable slide system  so that you can open and close them, depending on the outside weather conditions and the needs of the crop. Irrespective of the climate and type of greenhouse you have, you can install Svensson screens in it.

The screens are flexible, with an easy-folding structure. Therefore the folded screen is of minimum size, making maximum light transmission possible.

The screens are very versatile and give you excellent control over light, temperature and humidity. This means the best growing conditions for your crop.

three main functions of Svensson screens

Svensson Screens perform three main functions

  • They provide shade
  • They allow you to control temperature
  • They allow you to control relative humidity
Shading diagram

For shading:

With Svensson Screens, you can control light levels in your greenhouse. If the sun is too harsh for growing, Svensson Screens provide shade and reduce plant temperatures. The aluminium content of the screens reflects more than 90% of solar radiation, optimising the shading and cooling effect on the crop. The more aluminium in the screen, the cooler the crop will be.

We recommend the XLS, OLS and Solar Ultra Screens for the best shading.

temperature control and energy saving

For temperature control and energy saving:

Svensson Screens can be used to conserve energy in your greenhouse in the evenings. The heat accumulated in your greenhouses can leak out at night, plummeting plant temperatures and causing stress to your crops. By using a Svensson Screen with a high aluminium content, heat will be conserved throughout the evening, which can save you up to 50% on heating costs.

We recommend the OLS, Solar Ultra and XLS screens for the best in energy conservation.

Humidity control

For humidity control:

Controlling the humidity is essential for eliminating disease. With a Svensson Screen the humidity levels can be regulated and condensation, and therefore dew drops on the plants, is reduced. The screens are designed so that you can still close them and allow the humidity to escape if desired. Their polyester composition means that they have a temperature similar to the environment, reducing the likeliness of condensation developing and dripping onto the crop.

We recommend the XLS and SLS 10 Ultra range for humidity control.

The kind of screen you choose depends on what climate you grow in. Some screens provide better shade, against strong, clear sunlight, and some screens provide better ventilation in hot and humid areas.

The screens will all perform the same functions at varying degrees depending on what the focus of the particular screen is.

The ideal set up is to combine two different moveable Svensson screens. This way, you can adjust and control exactly the levels of light, heat and humidity, all through the times of the day and the seasons of the year. This variable screen system gives you:

  • Optimum shading and cooling
  • Maximum energy savings
  • Day and night humidity control

Variable Screening

Variable screensVariable screensVariable screens

The Variable Screening System, developed by Svensson, enables further climate optimization and lower energy costs.  It consits of two screens, travelling in opposite directions: A Svensson XLS F screen in combination with a Svensson SLS 10 Ultra Screen.

Variable screens setupHow variable screens work

You will then have:

  • Infinite variation of screening percentage, thus optimum level of shading, based on external light intensity.
  • Optimum cooling using an open Svensson XLS F screen.
  • Energy savings from 37% to 60%.
  • Optimum day and night humidity control by means of the transparent SLS 10 Ultra screen.
  • No temperature drop when aluminium XLS F screen is opened in the morning as the transparent SLS 10 Ultra screen can be kept closed.

By using XLS 15F and SLS 10 Ultra 1:15, you can have from 12% to 62% shade and a 20% to 55% energy saving.

By using more aluminium in the open screen, the shade and energy savings can be increased.

Svensson Slide System

For the best control over your Svensson Screens

Svensson slide system

The Svensson Slide is the best method to attach the Svensson Screens to your greenhouse. It is a system that controls the positioning and extension of the screens, giving you greater control over the light, humidity and temperature levels in your greenhouse.

Through either a cable or rack and pinion system and various other parts, the Svensson Slide System can be installed in your greenhouse in order to complete the Svensson Screen climate control solution. These can be self installed, and a manual is provided, but it is recommended that you choose livingshade to help you with installation for the best results.

Environmental Control Systems

A software solution for automating your greenhouse

Automated control over nutrient balance, water, greenhouse ventilators, screens, rolling walls, heaters, coolers, humidifiers and other environmental modifiers will give you excellent results and make your job much easier. The system works by gathering information based on sensor readings and making decisions defined by that information. The system also provides a full data logging of environmental conditions for future reference and analysis.

Automation diagram

You can identify the optimal production model for each of your crops and have the system maintain it for you.

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