Greenhouse Covers

Solar Ultra Plastic Greenhouse Covers

To protect your greenhouse from the elements

This is an invaluable addition to any greenhouse. These covers protect your greenhouse from wind, rain, hail and all the other elements that can cause problems when growing.

The plastic used in these products is seven times stronger than other extruded plastics, giving you the best protection for your money. These are the highest quality and best protecting covers your money can buy.

The covers are made to order in any size.


LS Solar Ultra is made in 3 layers from H.D.P.E.

  • Top layer for UV radiation absorption 90%
  • Mid layer for strength
  • Under layer includes an anti-condensate agent
  • Reduces crop burn and ultra violet light
  • Maximum strength
  • Reduces condensation and drips
  • A cooler crop
  • Longer life
  • More light is transmitted
  • The tensile strength is twice that of normal reinforced plastics and seven times greater than extruded plastics
  • This means fewer replacements and greater security against hail. The crop is therefore often able to be insured
  • Greater security against losses
  • Less labour costs in replacements
  •  IR Absorption
  • 60% of long wave heatcannot pass through
  • Reduces heat costs
  • The transparency of Solar Ultra with direct light is up to 86%. With diffused light it is 75%
  • More light and more scattered light
  • Ideal for rolling covers and walls
  • Reduces crop temperatures by up to 5°C
  • Greater growth
  • Green Solar Ultra shades by 45%
  • For crops that require reduced light
  • Saves using shade material  
  • Solar Ultra is made in 4.0m widths and can be welded to any manageable size
  • Fewer welds allow for easier make up and walls without joins  
  • Lower make up costs
  • Longer life

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