Econet Insect Screens

Screens designed to stop pests entering your greenhouse

"Prevention is better than cure" is the order of the day with these insect screens. Choose a screen according to which pest you might be having a problem with. For example, if you choose the finest mesh to combat tiny insects when you only needed one to combat small animals, then you will be sacrificing your ventilation levels unnecessarily.

Insects in your greenhouse can have potentially disastrous consequences for your crop so it is worth investing in a good insect screen system. The screens are made from UV stabilised polyethylene and acrylic yarns, and so are strong and long lasting.

The Econet insect screens are sold by the square metre or in rolls.

Insect Resting Size THRIP/WHITEFLY 0.215/0.290 APHID 0.430 MINER 0.608
Size 0.15 x 0.35 0.40 x 0.45 0.60 x 0.60
Transparency 85% 90% 84%
Ventilation Decrease - 47% - 30% - 5%
Quarantine Use Yes Yes No
Widths 3.4 m 3.20m 3.20m
Cleaning Hose spray Hose spray Hose spray

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