LS Drain Capillary Mats

Capillary Mats

capillary mat

The all in one capillary mat for effective water distribution.

The LS Drain is a system of capillary matting designed to evenly spread water throughout your crop. A big problem for many growers is ineffective water use, and this can cost you a lot of money, as well as waste water. The LS Drain combats this problem, giving the crop a regular, measured water supply that leads to uniform good results.

  • Can reduce water and nutrient consumption by up to 50%
  • Saves you time and money
  • Reduces occurrence of disease in plants
  • Optimises growth
  • Helps the environment by not wasting water

Without LS Drain:

without LS Drain capillary mats

With LS Drain:

with LS Drain capillary mats

Waterwise Update

waterwise with LS DrainDPI Redland Bay Research Program From overhead watering to LS Drain reduced water consumption by 90%!


  • Water consumption         
  • Nutrient losses
  • Root escape
  • Disease
  • Varied growth rates;        


  • Cleaning up of flowering crops;
  • Minimal hand watering
  • Even growth means reduced collection  times

Highsun Trials July 2005 Produced - Healthier Plants - Even Growth and - On timehealthier plants

LS Drain Photos

LS Drain Plus with water supply systemSetting up the beds with a 1-2 degree slopeLS Drain set up with water supply connected

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