Why Svensson Screens?


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We are the Australasian supplier of quality Svensson products which are invaluable to the serious greenhouse grower. Svensson is the world leader in climate screens for indoor and outdoor use.

Knowledge of and experience with the textile industry have been cornerstones of the Svensson family business since 1887. In the mid-1970’s, Svensson also became a leader in research and product development of screens for greenhouses, constantly driving the market at the forefront of innovation.


When the climate screens business segment os Svensson in Sweden was set up in the mid-1970’s, Svensson also became a leader in research and product development of screens for greenhouses, constantly driving the market at the forefront of innovation and the result is that Svensson is world leader in climate screens for indoor and outdoor use.

Greenhouse production of ornamentals, seedlings and vegetables has reached enormous proportions in the last couple of decades. As a result, quality products are delivered to the world market throughout the year, independent of the season and the outside weather conditions. Why? Because in greenhouses, growers manage to bend the growing conditions to their will and fluctuations in the outside weather don’t necessarily affect greenhouse crops in a negative way.

A prerequisite for the above is that the greenhouse is well equipped and adapted to the local weather conditions. Svensson® climate screens are crucial in making the greenhouse more suitable for this task.


You Know Why Your Crop Grows

Plant growth and development is a complex process, strongly influenced by the greenhouse environment. We can distinguish three main processes:


Photosynthesis is the process where the plant picks up carbon dioxide from the air and, together with water, creates carbohydrates and oxygen. This process is dependent on the right level of light, carbon dioxide and temperature.


In this process, the plant transforms part of the carbohydrates from photosynthesis into free energy used for maintenance processes. The remaining carbohydrates are transformed into plant tissue. The respiration process is highly dependent on temperature.


Leaf transpiration controls the water and nutrition uptake and the cooling of the plant. Leaf transpiration must be sufficient to enable the leaf to maintain the desired temperature and develop a strong metabolism. The transpiration process depends on light intensity, temperature and humidity.

…But You Still Have Three Problems


Too much light: Quality will deteriorate with burned leaves and fruits.

Too little light: The plant growth will slow down due to low photosynthesis rate.


Too high humidity: there are nutrient deficiency and quality problems due to low transpiration. At the same time, it can cause condensation on the crop and fungal diseases.

Too low humidity: the plants grow stocky in an attempt to lower transpiration. This lowers the return and quality of the crop.


Too high temperature: too much sunlight heats the greenhouse and the crop to undesirable levels. For most crops, the photosynthesis process slows down at temperatures higher than 30°C. At higher temperatures a big fraction of carbohydrates is spent for maintenance, leaving little or no carbohydrates for plant tissue formation.

Too low temperature: When the outdoor temperature is too low, plant growth, fruit and flower formation slow down. The temperature in the greenhouse can decrease rapidly, particularly in clear nights or by heavy winds, rain and snow. In most cases, the greenhouse is heated, resulting in high energy costs.

Svensson Screens Solve Your Problems!

The use of Svensson® screens has many benefits for the growing climate inside the greenhouse. Light, temperature and humidity can be controlled with the aid of Svensson® screens.

Svensson® screens are installed in a movable way, so that you can open and close them, depending on the outside weather conditions and the needs of the crop. Irrespective of the climate and type of greenhouse you have, you can install Svensson® screens in it.

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